Our mission is to connect Latam through payments

We're born to support and encourage the development of new technologies from Latin America. We create modern, efficient and secure payment solutions, capable of accelerating a business or opening new markets. What are we missing? People who dare. We did it by reinventing digital payments in our region. What'll you do?

A great team

We are a multidisciplinary team, made up of entrepreneurs and executives, generating a wonderful synergy

Experience and innovation

We are a multidisciplinary team made up of entrepreneurs and executives, generating a wonderful synergy between experience and innovation, supported by great motivation and determination to revolutionize the online payments industry. We use structure and creativity, order and freedom, organizational methodologies and disruptive thinking, to ensure the agility of our processes. This makes us efficient in the implementation and management of complex projects.

Thus, we develop technology, manage payments, reconciliations, wire transfers, and above all, accompany our clients in their technological needs. We are a little bit of everything! A wonderful combination enriched by our cultural, thought and experience diversity. But, nonetheless, always proud to be Latin American.

The sky is
not the limit

To break down barriers, it is necessary to have vision and risk taking action.

Rigorous thinkers are necessary to transform an industry. People who can use the right technology and follow security processes, while enthusiastically risking change. Therefore, we surround ourselves with specialists in various areas, people who know how to work with others, with an open, respectful mind and who are not afraid to express their point of view. We are committed to a common goal and we know that together we can achieve the change that the industry so badly needs.

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We want to know how we could include your originality in Kushki.

In return we offer you the ability to influence a rapidly growing platform that operates on a large scale, have an impact on the Latin American future and surround yourself with a team that will enhance your development. Working with us, your days will never be boring again. Our work days are dynamic and interactive, in a fast and changing environment.

But above all, our team knows how to collaborate and have fun, which always helps the flow of ideas and the best development of each project. Check out the openings we have available, ask us questions, or contact us if you think we could benefit from your skills. The only way to know if we are for each other is by talking.

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We are all Latin American, but not all countries operate the same. Just as many things unite us, others make us unique, such as currency and regulatory processes. For this reason, and because we want you to accept payments locally, in your currency and with quick access to your money, we have opened offices in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru and the United States. It is our way of supporting you in your business, while you focus on providing value and continuing to grow.

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