Fight fraud and protect yourself and your customers

We've the best technology to keep sensitive data safe and prevent fraudulent activity.

We offer 3 levels of security

Let security rest with us, while you take care of your business , without worrying about criminals or having to implement costly controls at your facilities.

Security in the handling and transmission of sensitive data

We secure card data from storage to transmission

PCI DSS Level 1

We've the highest security certification in the market, since we handle high volumes of transactions to which we apply 100% of the controls of the PCI DSS standard, demonstrating our experience and reliability.


We protect credit card data , preventing scammers from stealing and using sensitive information, by transforming card numbers (PAN) into a code with random characters (Token).


Your security is of high importance as it is the only place where consumer card data is stored. The unified interface of the Kushki Vault provides strict control over information and complies with all PCI regulations to provide the highest security.

Fraud prevention

Operating in real time, we identify thousands of red flags to stop attacks before they occur.

Machine learning

Reinforced by the industry's largest global network, our system makes decisions in milliseconds, analyzing behavior patterns, discovering unintuitive anomalies, and blocking highly risky transactions.

Transactional score

Using our pattern recognition and security rules, we rate transactions according to their level of risk, allowing you to identify genuine customers and accept orders with greater confidence.

Authentication and verification

To add an extra layer of security you can ask your client to prove his identity.

Dual factor authentication

We authenticate your client so that the purchase is secure. To do this, we carry out a micro-payment with an authentication code, which your client must enter on your page to complete the purchase.

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