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Claro implemented our Smartlink (payment link) to offer a complete and customizable service, creating a product that allow their clients to make online collections, create a product catalog, define prices, include photos and set the stock. This way, small an medium business can jump into making online business, boosting the economy.

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Seguros Mundial

It migrated nearly all their collection to Kushki, having almost 80% of their collection channels with us. This allowed them to quickly open new independent lines of business and have full control over them.

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Seguros Mundial image
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Aguas Andinas

Aguas Andinas implemented our wire transfer service, which offers a more automated, simple and fast experience than other options available in the Chilean market. With this, Aguas Andinas improved its collection by providing a new convenient payment alternative for its clients.

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Our regional relationship has allowed them to create new collection channels to enable and extend new business lines, as well as expand their user network. Together we were pioneers in topping up Rappi Pay, their custom wallet solution, that have become one the most important wallets in Colombia and Latin América.

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Rappi image
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We expanded their collection network which allowed them to add new business models and detach themselves from the operation of cash payments. This generated a 10X growth in the first 3 months with us.

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