UX/UI: What 2021 brings us

Danelly Sotomayor

UI Lead @ Kushki

January 21, 2021

2 min read

Each year, a list of new trends in User Experience and User Interaction make their appearance in our industry by creating challenges for designers and developers, to correctly implement them and harness their features.

Part of our work is to know how to identify which of them we can implement according to the sector’s need where we are working, since, when trends are saturated with use, these become inefficient.

This time, we will highlight some trends, which, in our opinion, can serve to improve the user experience in the financial sector this year:

Dark mode in design

dark mode

Since recently, various brands such as Instagram, Apple and Android give their users the possibility to choose the dark mode as a visual alternative in their devices, and therefore, it has become one of the trends that have more influence this year.

Why this happens? Dark mode allows highlighting elements within a design, and highlighting certain features, keeping them legible even in little light environments. In addition, it allows saving battery for devices, reducing visual fatigue. Therefore, there is no doubt that this trend comes to give our users greater comfort when browsing through the interfaces we present to them.

However, we must pay attention to the very long text content, since it can be difficult to read in dark mode and, be contrary to accessibility criteria, causing visual fatigue.

Convince with words

convince with words

This year, the role of UX writing in product development will be essential to achieve a voice tone that is consistent, personal, reliable, and generates user connection.

Good storytelling allows the brand to be memorable, concentrating on the value it can offer with the product. Likewise, aside from allowing end-users to identify the voice of the brand, it also does for stakeholders and internal users, since it encourages the creation of the organization’s identity.

Therefore, this year, UX Writers will focus on creating informative content that captures users, while transmitting personality and accuracy.

Contactless interactions

Contactless interactions

One of the trends that has been generated and has marked its continuity throughout the pandemic has been the various interaction methods with our devices without contact as such.

Voice assistants, control through gestures, non-contact payment operations, these new ways of interacting have gained life, and will remain an important part of our day-to-day activities, not only because it allows personal care given COVID-19, but also because it is part of the next accessibility level that can be integrated into the use of smart devices.

What awaits us?

Starting with health care and the several methods that we have adopted for this (remote work, telemedicine and contactless applications, among others); we have a year with many challenges to face in our industry, where the UX role is included to propose solutions that not only adapt to the environment, but which are also part of its evolution.

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