Self-Service: Key to Obtaining a Successful Customer Experience

Juan Pablo Herrera

VP Service @Kushki

June 17, 2020

2 min read

Have you been overwhelmed with thousands of customer requests and think that hiring staff is the only solution? Does it scare you to have multiple support channels open to the public? Do you think that customer service can only be provided by your agents? You do not know how to improve customer satisfaction rates? What to do if response and resolution times grow and grow without control?

These are only some of the most common questions that service directors often have to solve, and sometimes, the solutions to these issues, rather than complex, are the result of an arduous planning and information analysis process.

And you might ask: “Information analysis? How?, I manage everything using Excel and the process control takes up all my time. I can barely generate some reports to measure the service and, now, implementing a service tool to optimize my job will have a very high cost. It’s impossible at this moment when cost saving is critical”.

The reality is that the most important thing for your service area is information. Based on it, it would be possible to take any measures that bring about a radical change to failures that have been detected inside the service desk. This will be your cornerstone for knowledge building, it will allow users to self-manage their concerns, frequently asked questions, and even to deal with common technical issues in your process or in third parties processes that form part of your service.

To start with this, we recommend you to establish a system that not only will help you to receive information from the support channels that you’ve made available for your users (e-mail, chat, social media, customer service portals, etc.), but also will allow you to perform an adequate analysis of the collected information.

Based on this information and its analysis, you will build your knowledge base, which your customers could use to:

  • Self-manage their requirements
  • Provide important information that will help you to improve published content.
  • Rate your publications.

The most important thing is that you will give time to your agents to focus on solving more complex issues that can generate greater value for the organization (this will occur in so far as the published information is accurate and as expected by your users).

Did you know that 60% of customers seek to solve their incidents or queries by themselves?

This increases exponentially their satisfaction levels, and the explanation lies in a very basic but powerful concept: being able to solve any problem without requiring support from a third person, makes human beings feel better about themselves and increases their level of happiness.

This type of solutions are best applied in conjunction with a Chat-Bot system, giving users an online experience when answering their queries, fed on the information that you have collected to build your knowledge base, and reducing the workload of your service teams.

In conclusion, if your strategy is based on giving the best possible service experience to your customers, you should always consider implementing good tools that allow you to collect as much information as possible about their requests and, based on this information, to create high-level content that they can use to solve their questions. Ideally, you should complement this with a portal that not only provides this customer service, but that also allows you to interact and have a dynamic and two-way communication flow.

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