Justo and Kushki: Together for a more comprehensive delivery system

Magdalena Ovalle

Líder de Comunicaciones Internas @ Kushki

January 15, 2021

3 min read

Returning the control of their processes, their brands and customers to businesses, so to increase their profitability: That is the objective of the Chilean Justo delivery platform. As their name says, they seek to deliver fair and clear terms for businesses that need to implement order delivery systems. Since its founding in 2018, and despite entering a market where other big players such as Rappi or PedidosYa already existed, their formula has exceeded expectations: They have more than two thousand operating premises today, adding new ones each week.

“Thanks to technology, consumers have become more demanding with brands. They have a much higher negotiating power than before, and that makes companies be constantly living challenges. In terms of attention and quality, users demand super customized and immediate service. As companies respond to these requirements, the other market players have to adapt too,” says Nicolás López Jullian, founder and CEO.

To make their formula work, Justo joins the three most important pillars to make a business grow: e-commerce, delivery and digital marketing, creating a self-managing comprehensive platform, which allows thousands of businesses to be able to sell online, deliver orders, and position their businesses in the long term.

Payments and their key role within the equation

In the vision of Justo and its customers, payments play a significant role. “It is important for our customers that their online sales platform has fair and secure payment gateways, both for them and their final customers,” Nicolás López Jullian explains. In that line, they emphasize that, with a gateway such as Kushki, they prevent frictions at the minute of the purchase.

Justo started in Chile, but they have been rapidly expanding to Peru, Colombia, and Mexico, intending to reach new countries in 2021. It is that point, which also made them to value working with Kushki. “It is a gateway that not only allows us to be assured in the process, but also supports us throughout Latin America,” they say. In addition, Justo moves fast, so an easy and fast integration is another plus when launching operations in new locations.

Not least, they also highlight service. “Kushki keeps a constant monitoring about Justo’s transactions, intending to care for the businesses and the information of all participants,” says López. The costs, simplicity in integration, and the quality of developer documentation, are some reasons why they would recommend Kushki. “Also, given their closeness and excellent disposition to team work with their partners,” Araneda says.

The future by Justo

According to the founders of the platform, consumption habits change day by day, and the fact that more and more, we want to buy in a faster and more comfortable way no longer shames anyone. Delivery commerce that, with the arrival of the pandemic, accelerated by obligation, today becomes a habit established in our lives.

“Today, delivery is already considered as one of the favorites’ consumer purchase means, since it allows them to allocate more time to other tasks. It is a system that will stay for many more years, but it will have to be adapted to market needs,” Nicolás López explains. For the same reason, demands by the final customer will continue to appear, such as friendly packaging, better response times, greater flavor quality and better purchase experiences. And not only for customers, they claim from Justo, but restaurants are also very expectant for new consumption habits and technologies that allow them to have a differentiator in their sales processes.

Beyond delivery, and coinciding with Kushki’s view, on the order platform they believe that changes in the online sales category are coming. “There are many processes that, although we return to face-to-face, we are still going to continue to prefer. For example, contactless. Regardless of whether the pandemic is ending, we already have the sound in our heads, that we have to take care of ourselves, avoiding unnecessary contacts with third parties, so consumers are surely going to start demanding that their favorite shops give them this purchase option,” the CEO says.

And there, they consider that a good payment experience will be gaining more and more prominence: “The easier, quicker, and safer it is to be able to pay in a business, the better the experience will be for this contactless face-to-face purchase system.”

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