Powering the Development of the Real Estate Sector with MobySuite

Stella Vargas

Líder de contenido @Kushki

August 25, 2020

1 min read

Digital media have set an important milestone in the commercialization of goods and services, and the real estate sector is not an exception. Digital platforms already were the preferred means for the purchase and rent of properties. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to confinement, increasing the need of businesses to adopt new technologies and transform themselves digitally.

Given this need, PropTech (property technology) enterprises keep finding the best way to apply technology to the refinement, improvement and reinventing of the real estate sector.

One of these companies is MobySuite, which, with its real estate software 100% online, supports the property purchase process from the first contact by the potential owner to the time of handing over the property. They provide assistance in customer service (in-person and remotely) and also in the reservation and payment management process.

In this way, Mobysuite improves the experience of property purchase and selling by providing help and opening possibilities for all the stakeholders involved in the process:

  • For buyers, to make the payment of their installments remotely.
  • For real estate agencies, to automate their business flow and keep it updated in real time.
  • For customers (property owners), to make reservation agreements for property, to pay reservations (with Visa and Mastercard), and download agreements in an easy and automated way. Among other things.

The role we play in LatAm development

Our commitment to promoting the development of the LatAm economy is what keep us together. In the end, we all want to generate the necessary transformation in the financial and real estate market, working with passion and developing the cutting-edge technologies adapted to the needs of customers and users.

Together we offer a solution for real estate agencies so that they can manage their processes safely, efficiently and intuitively. Making possible on their part, the access and payment of real estate services for customers who need them, thus keeping the economy of these countries in motion.

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