This is how to be an engineer in Kushki

Magdalena Ovalle

Líder de Comunicaciones Internas @ Kushki

April 27, 2021

3 min read

In Kushki we want to connect Latin America with payments, delivering safer, agile and well-designed payment methods. For that to happen, there is a whole engineering team behind which designs our products and cares about all details. In fact, our team is expanding and we recently went to news for trying to triple the number of engineers in our company during this 2021.

Today on the blog, we spoke with Jairo Vera, senior developer of the Final Products tribe and Iraida Barreto, software developer for Kushki’s engineering team, respectively.

Jairo is a professional system engineer and its main activities are to implement new company requirements in code, review systems and correct failures that can affect company services.

Iraida, for its part, is an audiovisual and multimedia communicator and is currently completing the career in System Engineering. She is responsible for development stories or, “small parts that make up a product”, as it calls it, to be made reality through code. In addition, it carries a project in the company called Kushki Meetups: a digital space to share knowledge towards the Spanish-speaking tech community, which is transmitted through Kushki’s YouTube channel.

A Multidisciplinary Challenge

For both work in Kushki has been a challenge in their careers, it has made them leave their comfort zone and learn a little more every day. “Being a development engineer in Kushki has been a professional and personal challenge, where daily and daily I find valuable lessons that are based on a knowledge based on collaboration, innovation and respect for a culture of development, which is reflected in each line of code,” explains Iraida.

For Jairo, new technologies have been key knowledge. “I have learned back-end using serverless or no server models, and also to manage me with Amazon Web Services that provides cloud services. In the short time I have in Kushki, I can say that you literally learn about everything,” he says.

Accelerated Growth

The engineering team in Kushki has been rapidly increasing its capacity. Today they are 117 and each week new people enter all countries where the company operates. “I feel a witness to a great story, because every time a new member enters it means that we are growing. This is something very positive for our region,” says Iraida.

For Jairo, a key point in Kushki work is that everyone on the team is supported to achieve the proposed goals. “At the beginning, it can be plaintiff because of the technologies used and architecture, but gradually the pace is grabbed,” he explains.

Both note that if you are willing to learn and let yourself be surprised by Latin American talent, entering Kushki can be the option for you. “You will work with the latest in software tools and technological infrastructure, which will allow you to accelerate and perfect your knowledge in technical equipment development and leadership processes. You will discover the day to day that is behind a payment platform, and how something that seems so fast and systematic, houses a large number of processes that give you a new vision of how the fintech world works,” says Iraida.

Jairo also highlights that Kushki always has new technologies and good practices to deliver quality products. “We never stay static at all,” he says.

These are only some of the features of working as an engineer in Kushki. A team that grows week to week with a common goal: developing the best possible products for the final customer.

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