Kushki Mundial: Bringing Latin America Payments to the world

Magdalena Ovalle

Líder de Comunicaciones Internas @ Kushki

julio 28, 2022

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Did you know that Latin America is one of the key regions with the most significant potential in e-commerce growth? With a population of over 665 million and a 55% banking penetration, there is a huge opportunity for global companies who want to enter the region and connect with consumers locally who have never bought online.

According to information from Americas Market Intelligence, the e-commerce market in Latin America will reach a value of US $379 billion in 2022, increasing by 32% compared to 2021.

Kushki Mundial services global payments companies, orchestration layers and enterprise clients enabling them to service their merchant portfolio reaching consumers in LATAM through one integration locally with speed and at ease.

Meet some of our sales team

Kushki Mundial is made up of great leaders and players from the global payments ecosystem. Meet some of our global sales team members;

Ian Bailey, our head of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). At Kushki Mundial, he applies more than 30 years experience in payments. “What Kushki has developed within the region, and being able to sell it to the world outside of LATAM is an essential part of enabling payment companies and large customers to globalize their payment strategy rapidly,” he explains.

On the Asia Pacific side, meet Richard Clayton, who has spent 13 years working for large global payment companies. For him, our region is the next frontier in payments and what Kushki has developed is essential to open the ecosystem and increase revenue opportunities, both for merchants and payment companies.

On the Global Product Enablement side, Liam McGregor brings 29-years of experience in the payments industry to Kushki Mundial. “LATAM is a unique and challenging business environment for the payments industry. With the vision and innovation of companies like Kushki, global payment companies and their merchants can reach end users,” he says.

One integration, full access to the region

Kushki Mundial services global payment companies, large enterprise clients and orchestration layers enabling them to service their merchant portfolio to reach consumers in Latin America. through one single integration. We seek to be a payment partner, to allow companies to join the Latin American payment revolution.

What are you waiting for? If you want to sell in LATAM and access the complex and challenging world of local payments in the region, reach out to our Kushki Mundial team today.

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